This is a new poem that I read at the Air Lounge this past Wednesday the 20th at the Air Lounge. Enjoy reading.

When death comes.

Hold me in the gaps between your ribs,
tie me like sinew to your bone.
Keep me clenched in your palms,
and squeeze before I drain from you
like granules of sand between your fingers.
It is you that is the cushion
between the gears that grind me.
See I spend most of my days
With people who are paid to be with me,
usually locked away in my house.
I watch the sands of time
slide from my window pane
leaving the remnant of dull brown smudges
that raindrops will not wash off.

You are the sweet speck of gum drop
on the tip of my tongue?that I suck every drop of flavor out of.
I count the days,
when my cheeks
can be cupped by your hands
as you pull me in
to brush your lips against mine.

When my name is ceased to be uttered,
By my mother,
By my father,
My two sisters,
My three attendants,
My many fraternity brothers,
Still keep my name
Seared on your tongue
Sweet as a peppermint lifesaver
That you still suck after it dissolves.

When I feel my spirit fading,
and my whole foundation
shaking under my feet.
Sweep me off the ground
and hold me to your bosom
until my breath subsides.

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