Whether you are new to the augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) community or have been an active member for years, this collection of stories will help complete your understanding of how and why people are so passionately in support of access to communication. Each author shares their personal experiences with AAC and offers an intimate look at career paths, language system creation, software development, research, resources, and lived-experience. Each chapter is written by a diverse representation of the AAC community: parent of a child with a disability, speech-language pathologist, assistive technology expert, academic professional, and people who are using augmentative technology to communicate.

We are real people with real doubts, challenges, and successes – in addition to a special connection to the world of communication. Our diverse backgrounds and unique voices come together to provide a personal perspective as well as historical value to the progress achieved in AAC over the years. We offer this intimate look at our journey to you and invite you to discover your personal potential, embrace the journey, and become more active in this global community.

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